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in los angeles. william? >> well, shepard, these weapons sold in the united states and smuggled south continue to produce a staggering body count in mexico. brian terry was one victim. but now univision the spanish language network produced a bombshell documentary that puts a human face on this american scandal with guns traced to fast and furious killed 18 drug rehab center in juarez late in 2009. months later the cartel hit mass cerd 16 at a teenager's birthday party. >> they feel helpless. they don't know what to do and they say who is going to pay for this? by cross-referencing weapons weapons sold in mexico. hundreds of fatalities to the u.s. program. while the mexican government has offered little criticism of the u.s. administration from which it receives hundreds of millions of dollars in aid. the victims are hoping to find justice in u.s. courts. >> go and sue in the united states with these american lawyers. >> now attorney general eric holder did not fire anyone for fast and furious. we are told reviews internally are underway for about a dozen officials. inspector general
base about 160 miles north of lang. the last known deadly shark attack in the united states was two years ago around the very same spot. and in that case the animal literally took a bite out of the victim's boogie board. adam housley live in our west coast news hub. what else do we know about this latest attack, adam. >> yes, shepard. almost two years ago to the day in this same spot we have been told there have been a number of warnings but the out in the area over the last few months. there have been shark sightings as far as south as santa barbara an hour drive south of where this attack took place. we're told it happened at surf beach off the coast of california. a 38-year-old man was surfing with his buddy. his buddy saw him get attacked by a shark and pulled under. he swam to him, took him ashore. performed cpr. by the time the authorities got there he basically pled to death. the surf board shows signs of shark bites as well as they closed the beach in this area pending this investigation, shepard. >> shepard: we t. seems we hear a lot about shark attacks but they are really
's been fighting extradition to the united states learns his fate. a man wanted here for allegedly breaking into pentagon and nasa computers, but he says he was only searching for evidence of ufos. but first from fox this tuesday night, just two hours away from what could be a crucial rematch on the road to the white house. the second of three potential debates -- i should say presidential debates here at hofstra university at hempstead, long island in new york, president obama trying to bounce back from the first debate, and governor mitt romney trying to keep up the momentum which is clear with election day exactly three weeks away. the analysts say the president is almost certain to face questions tonight about the attack on the american consulate in libya, the one that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans on september 11th. just last night, the secretary of state hillary clinton told fox news she takes responsibility for that attack. >> well, i'm responsible for the state department, for the more than 60,000 people around the world. the decisions about security
much more aggressively, as well as additional pressure from the united states. he argues that he will enable the rebels in syria to arm themselves more effectively, to go up against the iran-backed regime of assad who has been crushing rebels and killing civilians. and mr. romney said he will link relations with egypt, now led by pot morsi of the muslim brotherhood, what has been described virulent anti-west and says our relationship will be based on trade, something mr. romney said should be much more aggressively policed and pursued, free trade and fairer trade with china. those really the only major distinctions emphasized today and outlined in terms of specifics from mr. romney. shep? >> shep: carl cameron live in virginia. as i mentioned, president obama's team was responding to governor remain knee's speech -- romney's speech before he gave it. after he spoke, a spokeswoman for the president said, this is somebody who leads with chest pounding rhetoric. he is inexperienced and the american people have serious questions about whether he's prepared to be commander in chief. t
now and headed straight for the united states. it is really two storms that are about to come together as a super storm. this one is cat 2 hurricane about to merge with a winter storm one expected to blast the east coast with heavy rain, possibly snow under the worst possible time. full moon, high tides with 35-foot waves. right now hurricane sandy and so big, people will feel the impact from florida all the way to maine. here is a look at the storm from space. just along the coast more than 40 million people are in its path but meteorologists predict as far as inland ohio could feel it. they say it could cause a billion dollars in damage or more but nobody knows what to expect as one forecaster to expect, we don't have many modern precedence for what the models are suggesting. hurricane sandy has crashed into cuba and killed two people in the caribbean and now on track to hit the united states within days. folks in miami beach are already feeling the winds all over south florida. sandy peeled the roof off the apartment building. white house officials have briefed the president and eme
terrorist has been fighting extradition to the united states. last week he lost that battle and today he was in court right here in new york for the very first time. just ahead, how he pleaded and why security insisted on taking away his prosthetic hand. that's coming up from the journalist on this tuesday foxce report make 70,000 trades a sec. ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. and i was told to call my next of kin. at 33 years old, i was having a heart attack. now i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i didn't know this could happen so young. take control, talk to your doctor. [ "the odd couple" theme playing ] humans. even when we cross our "t"s d dot our "i"s, we sll run into oblems -- mainly other humans. at liberty mutual insurance, we understand. that's why our auto policies come with accident forg
as the president or the vice president of the united states including your state department. what we have been see something an effort by president obama and vice president biden to say no it was really secretary clinton. >> now, libya could come up tomorrow night because as carl said it's different from the first debate in denver because tomorrow night it will be half domestic, half international policy. so this could go up, but since it's a town hall format, you know, governor romney has to be careful if he starts charging a coverup for the president in front of these swing voters that could back fire and look too negative and same for the president. if he gets too aggressive in trying to make up for lost time after that first debate that he lost, it could back fire on him as well, shep. >> shepard: a lot of strategy involved here. over the last few days, ed, has the president had anything to say about the situation in libya? >> you know, he hasn't said very much while he has been here in williamsburg. he has been hunkered down. he made a brief visit to a local campaign headquarters here deliver
on denial. >> when the vice president of the united states directly contradicts the sworn testimony of state department officials, american citizens have a right to know just what's going on. we're going to find out. >> shepard: well, reporters did try to find out at today's white house briefing. ed henry was there. is he our chief white house correspondent and is at the white house tonight. you asked the press secretary jay carney about this. what did he say? >> shep, he insisted, as you noted that vice president was not talking about the administration at large. he was talking about just the president and the vice president, not getting some sort of heads up about the security concerns. so i pressed him on whether this was an attempt to sort of push the blame off on the state department. take a listen. >> would you say on libya that basically the buck stops with the state department on security then? it doesn't stop with the white house. >> that's an article made for television phrasing, ed, but the fact. >> the state department, the president can't -- basically he doesn't make those asses
secretary, leon panetta, confirming that the united states has deployed american troops to help jordan with a civil war across its northern border in syria. this marks the strongest u.s. military response yet to syria's 19 month long civil war. a u.s. defense official saying more than 100 military planners and other troops now operating from a joint u.s. jordanian military center, north of the capital city of amman. that's less than 35 miles from jordan's border with syria. this follows several days of cross border attacks between syria and turkey. a troubling sign that the syrian civil war could explode into a wider conflict. today secretary panetta saying the u.s. is helping jordan deal with tens of thousands of refugees out of syria and getting ready for any potential syrian escalation. >> that's the reason we have our -- a group of our force there is working to help them build a headquarters there and to insure that we make the relationship between the united states and jordan a strong one so that we can deal with all of the possible consequences of what's happening in syria. >> ac
of state hillary clinton said the united states is outraged and the white house released a statement, part of which reads: we stand with our turkish ally and are continuing to consult closely on the path forward. syria and turkey our one-time allies turned enemy enemies now. turkey hosts hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees all of whom escaped that war. syria has hit turkish targets before including a turkish spy plane back in june. jennifer griffin following the situation from the pentagon. turkey, a member of the nato alines, now the nato leaders have come together. what came of that meeting? this was in a very unusual late night meeting called an emergency session in brussels among nato ambassadors. we understand that turkey has now asked the u.n. security council to take, quote, necessary actions against syria to stop these kind of attacks. it's interesting that that alliance meeting was called under article 4 of the nato charter as you know an attack by one is an attack by all under article 5 of that charter. it's significant that turkey has not yet invoked article 5. but, again,
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for the united states or of american institutions and willingness to attack them. then the fbi engages them via one of its own agents, typically, pretending to be a confederate and walks them through the crime. the crime, of course, is something that would have been impossible to accomplish because there was never any bomb material there. essentially, he is being punished or will be prosecuted and probably incarcerated for the rest of his life because of his thoughts. >> jon: still, investigators say the suspect believed that he had a van filled with a thousand pounds of explosives. and they say he tried to set it off with a cell phone detonator. that's when they grabbed him. and a short time ago, he appeared in court. rick leventhal live outside the district courthouse in brooklyn. so what happened, rick, when he went before the judge? >> well, john, this was a very brief court appearance. the suspect has been arraigned but he has not yet been indicted. he was very quiet in court. barely audible in when answering the judge's questions. he was dressed casually in dark jeans, dress shirt and sne
in a total of seven cities, all across the united states. well, fbi agents today finally inspected the scene in libya where militants three weeks ago killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. according to the fbi, agents visited the u.s. consulate in benghazi and left a short time later. the associated press reports the agents and several dozen u.s. special operations forces spent about 12 hours at all relevant locations. the fbi would not report on what, if anything, they found. this comes after the "the washington post" newspaper reported that one of its journalists found sensitive documents in the compound sitting in plain sight. today the attorney general eric holder would not comment on those documents. >> i don't want to necessarily comment on that which is an ongoing matter. but i'm confident that through the steps that we are taking and that we plan to take that we will be able to exploit the scene as is appropriate and hold accountable those people who committed those dastardly acts. >> trace: meantime lawmakers say a state department official is set to testify that the
after the attack on the american consulate in benghazi in libya, the united states is now sending a new top diplomat to libya. now we're learning more about what the c.i.a. director told members of congress about that assault. in fact, one law maker said it left him a little puzzled. as the running mates get ready in danville, we'll check in with governor romney and the president obama. live tonight from danville, kentucky [ male announcer ] what can you experience in a seat? inspiration. great power. iconic design. exhilarating performance. [ race announcer ] audi once again has created le mans history! [ male announcer ] and once in a great while... all of the above. take your seat in the incomparable audi a8. the highest-ranked vehicle appeal among large premium cars by j.d. power and associates. ♪ for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toast... ...to the capital one venture card. fly any airli
the united states produces. it's one of the best indicators of our overall economic health. we will learn more next week when the government releases its monthly jobs report. of course, today's numbers have turned into new campaign ammo for president obama and governor romney with election day 11 days away. we have more on the political back and forth in just a moment. first, rich edson from fox business is live from d.c. explain why the economy got the boost out of this thing if you could. >> uncle sam, shep. solid boost in government spending up nearly 10%. this helped expand the u.s. economy. defense spending increased 13%. government spending on everything else is up 3% there are other factors like personal consumption, that's the amount u.s. consumers buy that increased by 2%. housing also improved growth. holding back the economy, american businesses spending less and exporting fewer products. and the drought in the midwest, shep. >> shepard: what did wall street have to say about all of this? >> the g.d.p. report was slightly better than analysts had expected. the u.s. markets open
and rebuild in my state. and if the president of the united states does a good job, i will praise him. and if he does a bad job, i will criticize him. but he has done a good job in the last few days for new jersey. so he he deserves and has earned my praise and he will get it regardless of what the calendar says because this is much more important than politics. this is the lives of the people of my state. the place where i was born and raised. i'm not going to put politics ahead of that ever. >> shepard: the days ahead are cold and difficult up and down that beautiful shore, all the best to you and yours and thank you. >> shep, thanks for the time and thanks for your concern. >> shepard: well, in connecticut officials warn that raw sewage from treatment plants and pumping stations may have contaminated the waters. environmental protection reports flooding and power outages caused sewage spills on several towns on or near the coast including bridgeport, greenwich, new haven, connecticut. molly lines live in milford. downed trees, power lines, a lot of problems there. >> yeah, that's j
, and they claim they spent their entire life savings to send him to the united states so he could study business administration. >> new scenes of death and destruction in syria. activists report deadly airstrikes in the north of the war torn country. amateur video appears to show people digging for survivors in the rubble of the aftermath. >> i was at the bakery getting them bread. look at my head. >> but opposition activists claim the latest round of attacks killed more than three dozen people adding to what they estimate as 33,000 dead in the on going conflict. fox news can't confirm that. they call the rebel fighters terrorists. the state-run news agency they burned up oil, and all amid new efforts at a peace deal. jonathon hunt is live downstairs, and it seems it is getting its hands on much more sophisticated weapons. >> there is growing evidence that some among the rebel groups are now getting their hands on the sort of sophisticated surface to air missiles that they can use to bring down government helicopters and even warplanes. they are not going to shed any tears, but given they have a
support a republic candidate for the united states senate. a republic candidate who said a pregnancy resulting from rape is, quote: something god intended to happen. but governor romney's staffers say hes does not agree with that particular comment from the indiana republic richard murdock. he said it at a debate last night. here, listen to this. >> the only exception i have for to have an abortion is in that case of the life of the mother. i just -- i struggled with it myself for a long time but i came to realize life is that gift from god and i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that god intended to happen. >> shepard: he is standing by that today. again, governor romney's aides say he does not agree with that comment but that they are not asking murdock to stop running this campaign ad that features governor romney saying he supports the g.o.p. candidate. hour dock himself said some more today. listen. to suggest that i was saying god approves of rape was not when i was says. if anyone came away from that i apologize that made that
that it is jerusalem. we have an administration after a horrible attack for days, including the president of united states mentioned about the video. now he says he knew it was terrorist attack -- which one was it? so it's from "a" to "z", reset with russia, that worked really well, didn't it? or to the castro brothers while they still hold an american hostage. >> shep: so that is going to resonate across america? >> it's a pattern frankly not having an idea of how to treat our allies, our friends and then or adversaries. an administration that is much tougher on allies like israeli like russia or enemies like iran. >> shep: how has the administration been tougher on israel than iran? >> you have him after the elections i'll have positive more flexibility. with russia you have the reset after russia invaded the country of georgia just months after that. president said it's okay, we're fine with it. yet with the case of israel, we remember that 45 minute conversation where the secretary of state, we know it because they made it public. how they jumped on israel for the settlements in jerusalem. they
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the relationship betwe the united states andda a sg o twe c dth all of the possible consequences of what's happening in syria. >> activists say the civil war killed more than 30,000 people, many of them innocent men, women d cldre nn gin t ag tht d t u mitary deploy these forces in the country of jordan? >> bill, u.s. defense officials tell us several months ago, about 150 army special operations forces were sent to heornhe event that the syrian chemical and biological weapons were to fall into the wrong hands, they've been preparing for that eventualy. defense secretary pet refe t wveo ki th in the effort to monitor the cbw sites and try to determine how best to respond to y concerns in that area and miry operational capabilities in the event of any contingency there. >> the u.s. military held war exercises with the jordanians in may and operation known as eager on01 heerkseth 200yrian refugees that have flooded into jordan from syria, bill. >> bill: that's on its southern border with syria. on the northern borrowed, more tension between turkey an syria. what's happening the? >> our t h
of the united states in his words, will crystallize the choice for voters. i think that's about the only thing the obama camp agrees with as well. >> we're about to get going on this, thanks. >>> shepard smith and the fox report in studio b teams are live in denver tomorrow night for the big debate. you can also watch bret baier and megyn kelly in prime time, just tick before 9:00 o'clock tomorrow night eastern time right here on the fox news channel. >>> governor romney, meanwhile, is also hunkered down getting ready for the debate and republicans say vice president joe biden just gave him some great new material. team fox coverage continues. carl cameron live in denver. can we expect to hear more about who buried whom regarding the middle class tomorrow night? >> well, sure. of course, mitt romney would love to use that, but his campaign and republicans across the country have already jumped on it like a loose football. the surrogates have been cast with hammering assault day tomorrow. it is the romney campaign's belief that once again joe biden has shown why he's the gift that keeps on givi
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)

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